Classic Analog Tube Sound.
The Locomotive philosophy is simple: Handmade, high-quality gear with an aesthetically pleasing tone of yesteryear. The highly skilled and artistic approach to meticulously hand-wired circuits is a dwindling craft. And it needs to be curated by offering competitive priced gear without sacrifice in quality or integrity. Taking pride in point-to-point, turret board and hand-wired designs means that attention to detail and production time is much greater than mass-produced equipment on assembly lines overseas. We hope you see the value and care as much as we do about the equipment that you will use for years to come.

14B Sound On Sound Review

“If I were granted a wish to improve the hardware design of the 14B I’d leave it exactly as it is!”

Locomotive launches sub-brand Weight Tank

Weight Tank is all about heavy-handed and hefty analog character for those looking for the vibe they can't get in-the-box, all at a very attractive value!

Model 286A Mic Preamp Recording Mag Review

“I would place the 286A between the REDD.47 and the SOLO/610. It's more open and clean up top than the 610, yet rounder than the REDD.47.”